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Furniture, Art Design Contractor  

We have more furniture concepts than we have time to design them. And often, our custom work keeps us too busy to fully develop new designs. We would like to find someone proficient in Fusion 360 or Sketchup to do furniture (and some art) design.

We'll be creating briefs for each piece with requirements, goals, and a hardware budget. Your job will be to first sketch concepts and then engineer them. Preference given to those who have worked with CNC and understand its benefits and limitations. 

Pay is $23/hr plus 10% of sales from products you design for 4 years. 

To apply, please fill out this form.

Postion Filled: Admin / Assistant 

We have a variety of tasks that we need help with. Everything from ordering material samples to reaching out to customers to helping organize events and much more. You'll also be helping to write monthly newsletters, ship things, and occasionally pick something up on the way in to the shop. Much of it can be done from home, but this is definitely a role that will happen mostly at our shop on Airport Blvd. 

Pay is $23 / hr and we have enough tasks for at least a month full-time. After that, it'll go to part-time as needed. It's quite possible that we'll just keep needing full-time help after a month, but for you planning purposes you should consider this part-time 10-20hrs/week in the long-term. 

Key to this role will be an ability to wrangle chaos, self-direct, and use technology to communicate effectively. Much of our work happens across Notion and Discord, but you'll also be using Shopify, AirTable, Google Sheets, and Quickbooks. You don't need experience in any of these, but a high fluency with tech tools like this is critical. 

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Postion Filled: 

Shop Assistant All-Rounder

[this role has been filled for the moment, but we're leaving it here because we're always open to meeting new people]

We're looking for a new team member to help fill a wide variety of roles. The amount of work and compensation will depend on the skillsets you possess. Our dream candidate can do everything, but we recognize this would be a very rare combination of skills. Here's everything we need help with:

  • CNC repair and troubleshooting
  • Regular tool maintenance
  • Running the CNC for jobs
  • Sanding and finishing
  • CAD/CAM work (preferably in Fusion 360 or vCarve)
  • General shop help (from cleaning to building racks, etc)
  • Sales and marketing (managing client jobs, cold calling)

We're looking for someone who is organized and punctual, and who takes notes to avoid forgetting things.

Pay is $15-30/hr depending on skillset.  

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Our Shop

  • The shop is 6000 sqft of bay space with bay doors on both sides. It is well ventilated. There is an additional 4k interior office space and a warehouse space as well. We use some of this space for a public showroom.
  • We have a 5' x 10' CAMaster Cobra CNC with vacuum table and 10-tool automatic changer
  • You can use the CNC any time we're not using it. We probably use it 50% of the time now
  • You can use the rest of our shop tools too (planer, jointer, SawStop, finishing room)
CNC Machine Workshop with CNC